Auraa Case Study

The Project:

A fitness and wellness studio with a unique, holistic approach needed a new brand. The studio offered a a host of programs for the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical wellbeing of clients, but their name and look didn’t capture this philosophy of total wellness. “Our brand was weak” said Founder, Michelle Armstrong “It presented as a friendly women’s gym and nothing special. Nothing more.”

The team at the studio tried to develop a new name and look on their own, but struggled to get it right “we had too many ideas” said Michelle “we couldn’t reign ourselves in.” Recognizing that they needed professional help, the team met with a series of logo designers, but they still weren’t seeing results. “We were getting logos that didn’t represent what we were trying to achieve at all” added Michelle “these designers didn’t truly understand branding or the big picture.”

This fitness and wellness studio needed more. They needed a brand, not just a logo, that captured the balance and happiness they brought to their clients’ lives.


The Challenge:

The biggest challenge was uniting all aspects of the business in a succinct, over-arching brand. For Michelle, it was critical that the new name and look encompass fitness/health and emotional/spiritual health. “We’re about a balanced mind, body and spirit” she said “this had to be apparent in every element of the brand.”

The new name and look also had to be distinct so they would stand apart from regular gyms and yoga studios. “No one is doing what we’re doing” said Michelle “we’re not just another women’s gym.”

The Solution:

After thorough research, BmDodo developed a name that spoke to fitness and movement, as well as to the philosophy that fitness helps the mind the soul: Auraa.

Aura is the latin origin of the word ‘soar’. “It means to rise, or fly high with little apparent effort, to climb swiftly or powerfully, and to rise in thought, spirits, mood or imagination” said Brian Dodo, Principal & Strategic Designer at BmDodo. An aura is also defined as field of subtle, luminous radiation surrounding a person or object — and outward reflection of the inner self.

“We wanted to touch on the inner energy that Michelle harnesses when she’s training” said Brian Dodo, Principal & Strategic Designer at BmDodo. “When we looked at the definition of aura and translated it into multiple languages, it captured everything. It got at Michelle’s entire approach.” In tandem with the studio’s existing tagline ‘Come. Experience. Transform’, the name was a perfect fit.

BmDodo chose a colour scheme that included pink for love and femininity, green for growth and transformation, and white for spirit.

Michelle was especially appreciative of BmDodo’s holistic approach to design, which was above and beyond the other designers’ efforts. “There’s a difference between designing a logo and designing a brand, which BmDodo understood completely” she said. “What they created is so much bigger than a logo.”


The Results:

Auraa finally has the clarity they were seeking and feel that potential clients will understand what they’re about. “People have a much better sense of what we offer and the brand seems to resonate with them” said Michelle. “BmDodo created a brand that captured all the elements of our approach in one word: Auraa.”

The studio is also sure that the new brand sets them apart in the health and wellness industry. “People definitely see us as something different. The brand is a little bit cryptic, and they don’t know exactly what Auraa means, but I think that’s a positive” said Michelle. “The new brand invites conversation and creates cultivation” she added.

All in all, the brand was a smash hit. After a rocky start and some less-than-satisfying experiences with other designers, Michelle and the Aura team couldn’t be happier “I’m a picky person and BmDodo got it right so quickly. They hit it on the nose on their first try.”