Col. Bradstreet plaque designed by BmDodo Strategic Design unveiled at Breakwater Park, in Kingston Ontario

A booklet style plaque under the Kingston Remembers Program was unveiled today in Breakwater Park. The plaque gives a brief overview of the life of Col. John Bradstreet and his significance to Kingston.

The Col. Bradstreet plaque is the fourth in the Kingston Remembers series, the first two plaques were for the rededication of the Gaskin Lion in Macdonald Park (which were the first multi-lingual plaques of this kind in Kingston, with messages in English, French and Ukrainian, as well as English and French Braille) and the third plaque was developed in commemoration of the Queen Street Synagogue (which is also multi-lingual with English, French and hebrew text, and English and French Braille).

Besides being multi-lingual with both English and French text and Braille in both languages, the new plaque is also unique in that it is dynamic with turnable pages and a built-in QR code. Visitors simply scan the code with any smart device and it will link them to the Kingston Historical Society website section on Col. John Bradstreet.