Community Foundation of Kingston & Area Logo Featured in the RGD Ontario 2012 Logo Agenda

The Registered Graphic Designers of Ontario have recognized BmDodo Strategic Design for excellence. A logo created by the firm has been selected to appear in RGD’s 2012 Logo Agenda, which showcases Ontario’s most innovative and effective commercial logos.

“We work hard to hard to meet the needs of our clients” says BM Dodo President Brian Dodo. “It’s wonderful to have a happy client and to be acknowledged by RGD as well.” 

The logo, designed for The Community Foundation of Kingston & Area, was chosen from over 450 submissions.

The foundation held a deep-seated love for Kingston’s Martello towers and it was critical that they remain central to the organization’s identity. BmDodo kept the tower as the logo’s focus, but we allowed it to evolve by modernizing and simplifying it.

“Brian and Jen were able to work within the framework that we gave them,” says former Foundation Executive Director Glenn Stressman.” They merged the notion of the tower with a vibrant image that will help us move forward. They were able to infuse a sense of energy, momentum and boldness that just weren’t there before.”

“The logo created by BmDodo has helped create a corporate identity for the organization that is well recognized in the community.” says Vikram Varma, Executive Director for the Community Foundation for Kingston & Area.

The Logo Agenda will be ready for distribution this November. For more information, please visit