Kingston Prize Logo Featured in the RGD Ontario 2012 Logo Agenda

The Registered Graphic Designers of Ontario have recognized BmDodo Strategic Design for excellence. A logo created by the firm has been selected to appear in RGD’s 2012 Logo Agenda, which showcases Ontario’s most innovative and effective commercial logos.

“It’s always gratifying to have our work acknowledged by RGD” says BM Dodo President Brian Dodo. “We focus on designing smart solutions for our clients, so it’s a bonus when our work is honoured as well.”

The logo, designed for The Kingston Prize, was chosen from over 450 submissions.

“We needed a new logo because the one we had was difficult to use in all media formats,” says Kaaren Brown, who worked with BmDodo Strategic Design to create the Prize’s new identity. “The simplicity of the design is effective and easy to work with, while indicating the subject of the competition—portraits.”

The Kingston Prize corporate identity is an artist’s scribble. A flowing continuous line grows into a human profile which also implies an artist’s palette. Like a gesture drawing, the identity captures action and movement and gives the sensation of a quick flash of free expression.

The Logo Agenda will be ready for distribution this November. For more information, please visit