Innovation Park Case Study

How do you create a visual identity for a radical new concept? That’s what the minds behind Queen’s University’s brand new Innovation Park were thinking about in 2008. They contacted Boom Strategy and BmDodo Strategic Design to help them find the answer.


The Challenge:

Auraa Case Study

The Project:

A fitness and wellness studio with a unique, holistic approach needed a new brand. The studio offered a a host of programs for the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical wellbeing of clients, but their name and look didn’t capture this philosophy of total wellness. “Our brand was weak” said Founder, Michelle Armstrong “It presented as a friendly women’s gym and nothing special. Nothing more.”

Novari Case Study

The Project:

Novari Health’s team of software developers spent 6 years creating an IT solution for the healthcare industry. The clinically driven program was designed to help patient flow and moderate wait times in hospitals, a leading issue in healthcare systems all over the world. It was a fantastic product, backed by healthcare experts, but home grown marketing and communications strategies were not producing the desired growth.

United Way KFLA Success by 6 Case Study

The Project:

Although it had been up and running for four years, Success By 6, the United Way’s initiative for kids aged 0-6, was ready for a full visual makeover, including brochures, billboards, print ads, a website and a report to the community.

Success By 6 is designed to help improve the lives of Kingston’s youngest children. Based on the idea that it takes a village to raise a child, the initiative reminds us that we all have a role to play in giving every child a chance to succeed early in life.

ESG Solutions Case Study

The Project:

ESG, a Kingston-based manufacturer of micro-seismic monitoring systems, has always had the brain power to outperform its bigger competitors, but they were losing business because prospective customers only wanted to work with the big guys.

Kingston Hydro Case Study

The Project: 

ReStart Case Study

The Project:

An employment agency in Kingston approached BmDodo for help with their logo. Helping people find work, especially those requiring extra assistance, the agency wanted their logo to better highlight the word ‘employment.’ After their first meeting with BmDodo, it became clear that they needed to think beyond their logo to get to the next level.