Our process

Every project we take on presents its own unique challenges and guidelines. Our Strategic Design process ensures that each dollar spent produces the desired results. Every project consists of the following five phases: Listen, Research, Conceptualize, Execute and Reinforce.

Listen: We listen to all your concerns and pay close attention to your expertise, ideas and guidelines. We get your perspective on project goals including targets, budget, schedule, technical & creative considerations and competition.

Research: We assess your business goals and competitive position. We then investigate the marketplace to determine cost effective ways of achieving your objectives.

Conceptualize: Using the information we gathered during research, we develop a series of possible design concepts. After testing and revisions, we determine which concept best meets your specific needs and present our proposed design solution.

Execute: Once we have agreed on a solution, we manage the production and deliver the final product. We always ensure that the final product meets and exceeds our own internal and client quality requirements.

Reinforce: Once the project has been accepted, we revisit the original objectives and analyze for success. We carry out a complete post-mortem to ensure your total satisfaction.

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