Enright Cattle Company

Enright Cattle Company

Enright Cattle Company is a fourth generation beef farm based in Tweed, Ontario. Enright uses as much of their animals as possible. While beef is their main business, they sell bones for soup, make soap from fat, their offal goes into gourmet dog food and treats, and they craft gorgeous leather goods from their hides. 

BmDodo has been working with Enright Cattle Company since 2014. We have worked on marketing their beef and leather brands, through package design, vehicle design, websites, e-newsletters and event promotion strategy. Recently we have worked together on marketing strategies to reach new customers during the Covid-19 pandemic when the restaurants they regularly supply had to temporarily close.

Most importantly, their beer is delicious! You can buy it on their website, and if you are in the Tweed, Kingston, and Ottawa areas, they deliver to your doorstep!

The Enright Beef Website

The Enright Leather Website